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(Except maybe Mother’s Day, but give it a try, and let us know how that goes.)

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They’ll write about us in the annals of history. (And we’ll snicker like a 12 year old boy.)

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Naked Thursdays have never smelled better.



“Are They Bath Balls  or Bath Bombs ?”

Who really cares, Barbara? Take your clothes off and get in the tub, because WTF has revolutionized bath time. And we’re all hopping in.


That Six Pack Is Closer Than You Thought


"My boyfriend is terrible at shopping for gifts, but he outdid himself this time. He couldn’t stop smiling when he handed me my gift, and I haven’t stopped smiling since.

It was six Big Johnsons in a single box!

And, compared to the others I’ve had, these were HUGE! I even got up early the other morning to use one before work."

Shelley, 32 subject matter expert

COMING SOON (the joke is too obvious, so we’ll resist)

Moist Body Lotion

Body Lotion

When your largest organ is getting dry, don’t make it wait. Bring back the supple with Moist Body Lotion. Strong enough for a man, but seriously? Grow a pair. Moist is for the ladies.

Rub 'n Tug Massage Oil

massage oil

Imported directly from Jupiter, Florida, our specially formulated massage oil will provide an otherworldly experience perfect for couples who just can’t afford professional masseurs.

Lip Lube Balm

lip balm

If your lips are dry and looking for attention, give ‘em what they want. Specially formulated by Dr. Harold Peters for maximum moisture, this balm brings dry lips back to life in just seconds.

Fetish Pedi-Bomb


Use these fizzy pedi-bombs, infused with natural oils, to soak up, relax and soften the skin on your feet. No bathtub? No problem! Just drop these mini bath bombs in a foot bath or a bucket and enjoy.

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